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Steam-Powered RC Trike: The Apex of Mechanical Eye Candy

It's slow, it's pink, and it's piloted by an innocent looking stuffed animal wearing goggles. But that doesn't make YouTube user prallplatte's remote control trike any less badass. Better still: the trike is actually powered by steam, courtesy of a large boiler running down its spine. That's crazy.


It isn't going to win any races, or pull off any amazing jumps, but I'm happy that it slowly chugs along because it gives you plenty of time to take in all the pistons, gears and mechanical magnificence that make it run. I'm going to assume that the onboard electronics, like teddy's console, the flashing light, and the servos that turn the front wheels are powered by a battery of some sort, but bonus points will be awarded if that miniature boiler also powers an on-board generator. [YouTube via OhGizmo! via Technabob]

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Truly a thing of beauty. I can only hope that this is a trailer for a stop action or puppet animated TV series about a post apocalyptic world where steampunk intelligent teddy bears are the torchbearers of civilization.