Steampunk Turntable

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This is the work of Christian Aldo of Canada. It was part of a vinyl record art show, and he created this very steampunk-esque record player. The funny thing is that he had no idea what steampunk even is. As you may know, we are quite obsessed with it around these parts, and this record player is a mighty fine piece of art, but I just wonder what it would look like if Aldo actually designed it to be a steampunk record player.


Steampunk turntable [Boing Boing]

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Is this mounted on a wall? It appears that way based on the angle of the photo, but I suspect it is not. (That would add to the cool factor if it were - my father has a side vinyl player, and it is magnificent.) And, I assume it works? We need to judge the sound quality of this sucker. As we all know, vinyl is a higher sound quality than the digital stuff out there — and combine this sucker with a tube amplifier, and you have one of the most expensive and sought after pieces of worthless audio entertainment ever created. And, yes, I want it.