Steampunk Virtuoso Creating Masterpieces in His Modern Victorian Workshop

I showed you an incredible steampunk laptop this morning — perhaps the coolest steampunk gadget I've seen — now take a look at how it was made and the man behind it. This WSJ video profile shows us exactly how Datamancer makes his steampunk contraptions. It also goes into a bit of the background behind steampunk for the uninitiated. Fascinating stuff. [YouTube]


those are some beautiful pieces. man. just amazing.

however... the guy says that the Victorian era was the last time a high-school graduate could have full mastery of the available technology of the time.

i couldn't help but think:

a. victorian era high school?

b. victorian era high school GRADUATES?

c. WHAT?

I'm pretty sure that the average person in the victorian era was not sitting around tinkering away in his mom's basement. he was burying his dead children before heading off to work in the fields so he could earn enough to bury his 34 year old brother who died of the flu.

disregarding the young man's ignorant arrogance, an average person now can work hard and create a grand product. it's called open source. women, too. not just men like the 'good old days'.

the luddite tech additude is a robot killer.

(hey, i just got all pissy and added nothing nice to the discussion over an article on gizmodo! i'm one of them now!)