Stephen Fry on a Generation of Technophobic Judges

Stephen Fry, the British comedian and actor, is a fully-fledged geek. Now, in an interview with the BBC, he has lashed out at a generation of technophobic judges who don't understand the internet.

Fry was was speaking out about an ongoing legal trial, centered around a joke tweet, that's currently taking place in the UK. The dispute centers around a joke made on Twitter by Paul Chambers, who announced he was going to bomb an airport through frustration. Now, he faces criminal charges.


In the interview, Fry gets stuck into the English legal system over this topic — but the message is equally transferable to the US. Legal systems throughout the world are led by people who have little, if any, understanding of the digital world which most of us inhabit — and that's a very real problem. Especially for Paul Chambers. [YouTube]

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I really wish there was some way or precedent for judges to recuse themselves for not only a true conflict of interest, but also a lack of understanding/desire to understand the general concepts that the case is based around. It seems like this would fit into the category of them being unable to provide a fair trial, but I have not heard about it being done in the past.