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Some of us may dabble in being funny to go along with our tech knowledge, but professional comedian Stephen Fry actually knows a thing about both fields. Today he reviews the Oral-B Professional Care Triumph, which has a special tech that allows it to wirelessly show how long you've been brushing each corner of your mouth and rate it according to what dentists recommend. He loves it. He also loves the idea of turning something mundane into something exciting via technology, and wants it to go further.


He says:

I want a treadmill that presents on screen a reality game that interacts with your exercise: an adventure in which you chase villains, rescue damsels or solve puzzles - this is where technology should be headed so far as humdrum chores are concerned. Come on, you eccentric British software geniuses and game designers. Help me to a brilliant white smile and slim fitness the fun way.


YES! Someone make a Running Hero game for Xbox 360 right now, complete with $300 treadmill attachment. We'd totally buy that if we could simulate running on screen, as opposed to the treadmill workout we do now where we just stare into the nearby lake and wished we were drowning instead. [Stephen Fry]

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