Steve Ballmer: Surface Sales Are "Modest," But Wait for Surface Pro

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is an able champion for his brand, but even he couldn't muster up much enthusiasm over sales of his Surface RT tablet in a recent interview with a French newspaper. Unless something was seriously lost in translation, sales of Microsoft's slate have been "modest" so far—but just you wait until its big brother gets here.

Ballmer pivoted to Surface Pro, the x86, full Windows version of his harried tablet, as a hope for the future. Which is totally fair; the promise of Surface portability with a full Windows 8 machine is tantalizing. But now might be a good time to remind ourselves that there's no firm Surface Pro release date or price, which means that our expectations for its timely arrival should be, well, modest at best. [Le Parisien via PocketNow]

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The surface has failed. In a big way. The RT version is a dud, nothing other than a 'MS iPad clone'. The really fun feature is the smart cover with built in keyboard, but thats a hundred bucks more, reports are that it is built poorly (falling apart at the connection point) and types badly. Now Balmer has all but admitted this. "Wait for the GOOD one though! Thats gonna be great!" is essentially what he is saying. Yet the 'good one' has no release date, no price, but expected to be close to twice as much. I have a windows tablet that I bought for work, and to be honest, its pretty darn good. Of course the iPad experience is way better, but for what I needed, the iPad simply couldnt run this particular program. The exoPC that I bought for $250 does it perfectly. There ARE windows tablets out there, and most are pretty cheap, relatively speaking. I don't see good things for the Surface in the future. Here's a hint to why it is a dud. Try to use one. Go to Best buy or Comp USA or Target or Office Max or wherever. The thing has been out for several weeks and NO one has it in the stores. (I would think the microsoft store has them, but who the hell knows where those are?) If most people cant play with it, most people wont buy it. If you're really in the market for a Surface, I suggest you wait a few months. I bet you'll be able to get them really cheap soon.