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Steve Jobs Trades Turtleneck for Tuxedo at the Academy Awards

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

CNET thinks they've snagged a photo of Apple CEO Steve Jobs schmoozing at the Academy Awards. Does this mean the iPad's going to make a last-minute appearance in those outlandish $85,000 gift bags? Updated: It's him.

Is it him? Supposedly he's next to the woman in the white dress. It'd make sense, given the Up/Pixar connection (FYI, it's "up" for an award...), as well as all the negotiating he's surely been doing behind the scenes in regards to movies and TV shows on the iPad. But it's probably just for Up. Probably.


In any event, is anyone even watching tonight? [CNET]

Update: Macrumors has a pic from an "attendant" dancer/director John M Chu at the Oscars: