It's not always a good idea for famous people to make albums. Example: William Shatner. Alternate Example: Paris Hilton. But Steve Martin, who has always been sort of vaguely known for his banjo playing, has made roots music his priority in the last four or five years and is totally nailing it. His most recent album, recorded with Edie Brickell, came out in April. He's also touring right now with Brickell and The Steep Canyon Rangers, the band he worked with on his second most recent album. Even if you don't like bluegrass, his stuff is pretty accessible and he jokes around on a bunch of the tracks.

"Wally On The Run" is from Martin's 2009 album The Crow. He played it on Fallon with Paul Simon one time and it was really awesome. He also apparently had a video contest for the song. The winner is cute, but I like this runner-up better. Stop being so negative, you're gonna like it. [Amazon, iTunes, Spotify]