Stevie Wonder High Fives Steve Jobs Creating Awesome Wonder-Magic Warp

Stevie Wonder, the music genius and Motown icon who created jewels like Talking Book and Sounds In the Key of Life, had some words of appreciation for Steve Jobs during the last Wonder-full LA party:

I want you all to give a hand to someone that you know whose health is very bad at this time.... His company took the challenge in making his technology accessible to everyone. In the spirit of caring and moving the world forward: Steve Jobs. Because there's nothing on the iPhone or the iPad that you can do that I can't do. As a matter of fact, I can be talking to you, you can be looking at me, and I can be doing whatever I need to do and you don't even know what I'm doing. Yeah!


Hopefully Steve Jobs will get the message. [YouTube via Twitter via TNW via LA Times]

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Not to be mean, but aren't today's touch screen devices bad for blind people? Especially since Apple's don't have haptic feedback, they are impossible to really use without sight!