Stop Asking Me, I Don't Have an iPhone!

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Friends, Readers, Journalists, Strangers on the Street: I don't have an iPhone. So I'm sorry, but you can't try out its screen, or take a photo of it, mug me, buy it from me, or use it to get a jump on your iPhone coverage. Last time I held one was January, at Macworld 2007, which is now as distant as a dream.


Wish I could help you, but I can't.

I suppose people think I have a few lying around the house, just because certain Apple employees read Gizmodo. But that's not the case. We're still a relatively minor destination on the internet, compared to CNN, and other outlets like the big newspapers and, and we'll get one to review, as far as I can guess, whenever we get one. Nothing is certain, and all I can do is wait.

No biggie. If need be, I'll queue up at the SF Apple Store. It'll be fun, and I'll bring my DS Lite, a bed pan, and a thermos full of hot cocoa/vodka or whatever you mix with hot cocoa. Just like the good old days before I had a job where I'm paid to play with transformers and video tape it. High five! At least this isn't a winter launch (not that it matters in San Francisco.)


....But while we're talking, who do you think has one besides Walter Mossberg? I hear there are a handful in the wild with non-apple/google/AT&T employees.

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