Storage Vault for Road Warriors

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Qrisma s 1-inch Portable Hard Disk Drive is built to take a beating. Just 2.5 inches tall, this 4GB drive is protected by special anti-vibration and heat dispersion characteristics that keep your data cool and collected even if things get all hot and jittery. Looks like the company was trying to compensate for the fact that there's a tiny hard drive inside (with delicate moving parts) rather than the less-fragile flash memory. So it's a good thing that this drive s rubberized surface makes it easy to grip. A nice design touch is its USB 2.0 plug that swivels out to a 90-degree angle so it can fit into tight spaces between heavily-populated USB ports. The company hasn t announced when this little drive will be available, but at $100, it s not too expensive for a road-hardened 4-gigabyte disk.

Product Page [Qrisma]


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