Store Photos On Individual OLED Screens, With Nanobrick's Miyoul Media Frames

Illustration for article titled Store Photos On Individual OLED Screens, With Nanobricks Miyoul Media Frames

So you've bought your XEL-1, but still have money to burn when it comes to OLED products? It's such a common problem. Nanobrick's caught onto your obsession, and has created 11 media frame models for customizing with your photos.

Each model has several OLED screens, which measure either 3.3-inches or 4.1-inches, for storing photos on of your empty wallet, or maxed-out AMEX card. Each model costs in the area of around $100,000, with the best undoubtedly being this Flowers one, pictured. The rest look like souvenirs your Gran picked up on her Chinese holiday. [OLED-Display via Engadget]

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I really like the idea behind it, but all his designs look a bit too much like cheap junk to me. I think I’ll hold out and see what other artists are doing with the concept, before I fork out any doe for photo frames that require electricity.