Storm Trooper Stripper (OK, Prostitute)

I see your schwartz is as big as mine. [kontraband]



@Blackburn Lankershim: Either you are shilling for the industry or don't know what you're talking about.

Adult entertainment's lack of oversight has fuckall to do with their desire to manipulate their image. They have publicists, image consultants for high-profile entertainers, and political lobbyists. You think the AVN ceremony has to do with anything other than publicity?

The sex/porn industry is over 22 billion $ a year in the U.S. alone.

Anyone who has worked with or in the biz knows how much they depend on keeping a lot of the stuff that takes place once you're inside a secret. And while it has gotten slightly better in the past decade it is still a fact that 99% of the women who do sex films have to do other kinds of work to make money, and that often involves sex work because the people it attracts are seldom well educated and you have a weird schedule doing video shoots or touring/promoting; only a few of them can get good road money headlining at strip clubs because the really "big names" tend to get a proportional fee.

I ran a "swingers" club for a long time, we had members who were in the industry as well as entertainers from outside the local area, they did not play with members usually but did shows and promoted videos. There are not all that many performers who actually swing. Consequently since I ran the club, did a lot of the hiring or booking of the performers I would hang out with them while they were in town if they didn't know anyone else. Most of them were really nice and professional people but all of them were jaded to the amount of bullshit (they were usually pleasantly surprised at how direct I was about our own establishments and the fact that I paid up front or allowed them to sell merch w/o asking for a slice) you get fed in that line of work.

We even hosted video events at the club (gang bangs, erotic Halloween "balls", etc.) and were partnered in video distribution/production. It's a very cheap biz to get in to provided you have the contacts.

/not a "swinger"

//but most of them were pretty cool people

///also most of them were really fat