Strangers slap each other's faces in hilariously awkward video

Rememeber the complete strangers kissing video? This is the anti-strangers-kiss video—and it's real, not a viral using actors. Screenwriter Max Landis gathered friends and acquaintances, paired them randomly and then asked them to hit each other in the face in this awkwardly fun video.

Landis says his work is more than parody and is intended to explore the nature of violence, trust and consent. Here he explains his thinking behind the project:

The theory was: A slap, robbed of its violating context, is more intimate than a kiss.

My theory, as it turned out, was right, which was fun, and gratifying. But intellectual gratification is, to me, secondary to the visceral feeling that came from hitting, being hit, and better yet, watching everybody hit each other. I saw the strangest mutations of intimacy, and trust, in that empty void.


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