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Stream DivX/XviD to Xbox 360 From Your Mac

Illustration for article titled Stream DivX/XviD to Xbox 360 From Your Mac

Remember Connect360, the app that let you stream music and video from your Mac to your Xbox 360? It's just been updated to support XviD and DivX functionality to match the fall upgrade you installed earlier this week. It still costs $20 if you haven't purchased it before, but you can try it for free to see if it works for you. If this were the policy for everything, we'd have a lot of half-eaten bananas at the supermarket, along with much cleanup needed in the diaper aisle. [Nullriver]


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i was under the impression that even though it says 'windows based pcs' it was really just upnp, since thats what sharing your library on wmp does...

i dont think you need a specific piece of software to connect to only the xbox...