Streaming Apps Are Coming to VR Starting with Netflix Today

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For those who have been itching to stream the new season of TV from the comfort of your Gear VR, a Netflix VR app will be available today, with apps for Hulu and Vimeo as well as Twitch coming on soon.


At today’s Oculus developers event, the company announced that it’s getting a slew of streaming apps with some big-shot content partners:

Hulu has some more information up about what this might look like—kinda like Oculus Cinema—including experiences customized to each show:

The range of experiences will include viewers transporting themselves into a comfortable living room setting to catch the latest episode of the Hulu Original Difficult People. Viewers can also choose to view Hulu’s library of premium content including movies and current season TV in a classic movie theater setting. Seinfeld fans can choose to be transported on to the blue couch in Jerry’s iconic apartment to watch favorite episodes of the series.

Jerry’s couch! Netflix doesn’t have details up yet but you can download the app. How does it feel to see House of Cards in VR? I hope we can watch in the White House screening room! We’re taking the Netflix VR app for a spin right now and will report back.

Update: Here’s our hands-on of Netflix in VR.

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I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a dozen times. No fucks to give until the Rift is on store shelves. I’ve been led on by the multi-year cocktease far too long.