Stuck at a Desk? Watch the Presidential Debate Online

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Tonight at 9pm ET the first debate between John McCain and Barack Obama takes place. In the interest of keeping political discussion alive in America, here's a link to CBS, where we know the debate will be streamed live, at least within the US. Here's a link to NBC, which hosts much debate-related video, but doesn't quite say outright that it'll be streaming live. ABC also has a link to election coverage, but they don't seem to say much about this streaming video thing at all. Watch, discuss, get excited or pissed off. If the network's commentary is too vanilla-bean for your uppity self—or if your sorry ass is out of the country and blackballed from US video service—hit up Gawker's liveblog of the debates. When you've had enough of democracy in action, come back here for your fill of Lego Millennium Falcons, boob-related iPhone apps and other timeless objets du awesome. [Gawker]

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