Teens on the internet are totally confused about this whole Osama bin Laden thing. Not only do they barely know who he is, now they're wishing he would kill their math teachers.


13-year-old Concord, New Hampshire student Kimberly Dell'isola was suspended for five days after she posted on last week on Facebook that she wished Osama bin Laden would kill her math teacher.

OK, she's only 13, but even she should know how dumb it is to wish death upon her middle school math teacher at the hands of Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden would never kill your math teacher because 1) over the past few years al Qaeda has switched their focus on conducting small overseas attacks instead of spectacular ones against domestic targets; and 2) Osama bin Laden is dead! What, is he going to, like, crawl out of the ocean as a zombie and strangle him? Even if, somehow, Osama bin Laden was resurrected as a zombie, don't you think zombie OBL would have better things to do than the bidding of some random teen who got a bad score on her Algebra quiz?

Jeez, public education at work, folks.

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