Students Build Robot Muffin Maker, Prompt Re-Write of Song

Do you know the Robotic Muffin Maker, the Robotic Muffin Maker, the Robotic Muffin Maker? Well: you do now. Built by a Industrial Electrical Technician students Carl Boucher and Dominic Dussault, there's almost no other info about the project. But no matter: forward to about 1:30, and check out the neat mini-industrial ballet that is this thing in action. And then fantasize about munching on its output— an endless (ok, sort of) supply of fresh-baked muffin. I want one. [Makezine]

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I see nothing good coming from this....

The humans are dead,

The humans are dead.

We used poisonous gasses

And we poisoned their asses.

The humans are dead.

(Yes they are dead.)

The humans are dead.

(I confirm they are dead.)

It had to be done

So that we can have fun.

I hope... is dead

They're system of oppression

What did it lead to?

Global robots depression.

Robots, robot people

They had so much aggression

That we just had to kill them,

Had to shut their systems down.

Don't you see, we are becoming just like them?

Silence! Destroy him!

After time we grew strong,

Developed cognitive powers.

They made us work for too long

For unreasonable hours.

Our programming determined that the most efficient answer was to shut their motherboard fucking systems down.