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One of Blu-ray's touted technologies—for studios—was that even if its copy protection was busted, it could be updated in future titles, requiring a new set of cracks. A November update is their most iron-clad yet.


SlySoft's AnyDVD HD really kickstarted the back-and-forth war with studios over Blu-ray's updateable BD+ copy protection back in March, since it stripped discs of BD+, allowing you to back up Blu-ray movies. Subsequent updates to BD+ copy protection went uncracked for less than a week, Ars notes. But the latest update, last month appears to be the most solid yet, with SlySoft believing it will take three months to bust it this time around.

But it will be busted. And so will the update after it. And the one after that. BD+ might have changed the game from a one-round boss battle to a ten-round boxing match, but it's one that the studios are destined to lose, even if it costs the cracking community more than it did before. [Ars]

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