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The UK electronics retailer Comet performed a study on 1000 customers to justify their new "Gadget Angels" team—think Geek Squad in the Best Buys here. Their study concluded that 75% of women don't really know what they're doing when it comes to mobile gadgets.

The study says these women only know how to handle the basic functions of a phone, like making calls and using an address book. They also are confused by cameras and MP3 players, and 7/10 of them ask their partners or children to show them how to do stuff like download music to their devices.


The rest of the study focuses on the goals of their new Angels team, and said men cared about what the specs and features are, whereas women just wanted to know why a device is useful and what it could do for them. Men spend hours going over instructions and women just bust in and use stuff (and then get discouraged when things don't work).

Unless broads here in the US are of a different species than the UK, the study probably applies here as well. Maybe by offering more female-centric support in stores, women could become as gadget-obscessed as men. Before I'm taken down in the parking lot by a gang of angry women, here's a question for our female readers: what do you five want to see from us to better suit your gadget needs?


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