Sure, we all laugh when Honda's ASIMO robot trips and falls, but walking around in plasic armor can't be that easy. Don't believe me? This ridiculous ASIMO costume will let you experience it for yourself.


It's available from the Japan Trend Shop for $187, who advise that the costume's urethane, polyurethane, and PVC pieces cannot be put on without assistance. And based on the video of them testing the suit in their offices, it's probably not a bad idea to have someone on hand to help you up when you inevitably trip and fall.

Illustration for article titled Stumble Around Like One of Those Dumb Helper Bots With the ASIMO Costume

If anything, it's sure to make you look a lot more authentic the next time you're doing the robot. And it does raise the question, given how cautiously it walks, maybe the real ASIMO is just someone in an awkward costume too? [Japan Trend Shop via 7Gadgets]

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