Stupid Robot Makes the Oil Spill Even Worse, Somehow

Illustration for article titled Stupid Robot Makes the Oil Spill Even Worse, Somehow

The hits keep on coming from BP! Today, a bumbling robot knocked the cap off the well, causing the spill to actually increase in its rate of destruction. Well, fuck.


Earlier this morning, an undersea robot accidentally bumped into a venting system, which forced BP to remove a cap that had been holding in some of the leaking oil. With that bump, gas rose through the vent that carries warm water down to keep the icy crystals that screwed up the first top hat operation from forming inside the cap.

Now, they need to check and make sure none of said crystals have formed before sticking it back on. So hopefully this is just temporary. But still, come the fuck on, BP. This is ridiculous. [Huffington Post]


Its really funny this. You will all point fingers and complain yet you will all use Oil.

Stop pointing fingers and start helping.