Stylish Briefcase BBQ Turns Meetings Into a Cookout

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Got a big presentation to give to the board but haven't prepared one bit? They won't even notice your complete lack of research if you show up carrying a briefcase that unfolds into a compact grill.


The $52 Darwin Triangular BBQ doesn't quite have the same capacity as your backyard griller at home, but you can still squeeze at least four burgers onto it at one time. Just don't forget to fill your suit jacket pockets with charcoal briquettes ahead of time, and when you're done feasting, it's probably best to let the whole thing cool down before slinging it over your shoulder. Otherwise, you can skip spending the night before making a lengthy slide presentation. The only projections your boss really cares about is when their mesquite chicken will be done. [The Fancy]

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I once took a small charcoal grill like this on my boat (before I sold it) and quickly realized the flaw in this plan. It's convenient. It cooks great. It's low-mess.

But the grill got blisteringly hot, even after dumping the coals (more so than is implied by the article). To the point that it's not usable. Being kept on a boat, we had a convenient source of water to cool it with, but otherwise we would have had to wait an hour or to before packing up.