From the video description:

The multi-center, integrated Morpheus/ALHAT team successfully completed Free Flight 12 (FF12) at the KSC SLF on Wednesday, April 30, 2014, Bravo's 10th and ALHAT's 3rd free flight. The autonomous Bravo vehicle flew essentially the same pre-programmed trajectory as in FF11 (800+ ft height, 1300+ ft downrange), with one significant exception; Bravo closed the loop on hazard detection and flew to the ALHAT Hazard Detection System (HDS) identified safe site. The ALHAT HDS identified its primary safe landing site 1.4m (4.5ft) east of the pad center and the vehicle then targeted that location for landing.

FF12 was the 3rd free flight with ALHAT running in open-loop mode, using its sensors to calculate navigation solutions in real time during flight, though not yet actually navigating the vehicle. Bravo GNC flew the pre-planned trajectory, with the exception of targeting the HDS identified landing site.

The Morpheus Project blog has an extended write-up on what goes into a typical test-flight day — it's a cool read for the behind-the-scenes setup and preparation that all leads up to a few minutes of flight. Hopefully they'll upload some photos from today's test to their album soon; the Morpheus is as pretty as rocket launches, but with twice as many gorgeous moments and a way cooler aesthetic!