By now we've probably all seen the occasional passenger zipping through an airport on one of those convertible carry-on suitcases that transforms into a scooter. But propelling a scooter while you've got a boarding pass in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other is a tricky balancing act, so finally someone has upgraded the suitcase scooter with an electric motor so it's now self-propelled.


With a top speed of just past 12 miles per hour (depending on the size of the rider) the Coolpeds scooter will get you from airport security to your gate in record time. The electric motor is hidden inside the scooter's real wheel, while the battery, that provides a range of just over six miles, is hidden inside the suitcase itself.

When folded the 17 pound Coolpeds scooter will squeeze in to most overhead luggage bins, and while certainly expensive at $600, there's not a single Samsonite bag that promises to deliver you right to your gate. [Coolpeds via PSFK]