Sun CEO Tweets Resignation in Haiku

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Jonathan Schwartz manned the CEO helm at Sun Microsystems for almost four years. But now that the company's been sold to Oracle, he's tweeting off into the sunset. Hey, at least he counted his haiku syllables right.


I think it's only fair, since Jonathan left us with a poem, that we return the courtesy. I'll start!

Jonathan Schwartz: Don't
care for the ponytail, but
Java's pretty sweet.

Okay, now you go. Dirty limericks also accepted/encouraged. And bonus points for something with MySQL. [Twitter via Boing Boing]


Les Mikesell

There was a time when I had some Sparcs running old, buggy Solaris5. I would have liked to update the OS, but it would have cost more just to get a newer, less buggy Solaris than to replace the boxes with faster pentiums running Linux. So, I never bought anything from Sun again. Seems unfortunate in retrospect.