Sunday Space Links

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Quick-links to space-news around the web:


Exoplanet artwork by Noah Stacy. After all, exoplanets can have oceans and continents, too!


Corpore Metal

Just a few quick comments the links give here.

  • Newman's suit reminds me the most of the slim, flexible and advanced looking suits of 2001, a movie which our present day world is still trying to catch up with.
  • The twin study seems a bit superfluous since experimental confirmation has been long been provided with atomic clocks in airplanes, satellites and space vehicles. The GPS system, in fact, has to account for these relativistic differences to be as accurate as it is.
  • Dark matter exists; it's gravitational affects are real. But we still know so little about it and I'm skeptical that we can say it had any part in periodic mass extinctions in Earth's biological history.
  • I guess David E Kaplan is a bit disappointed now that recent data seems to indicate that supersymmetry might be wrong.

I have a few more comments but I have to read the others before giving them.