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Super 8 viral video unravels the secrets of J.J. Abrams' strange new movie

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Slowly but surely, the details behind J.J. Abrams' mysterious new movie Super 8 are leaking out. We were sent an exclusive Super 8 viral clip, which we've managed to splice together with a few other clips.

Above is our little video clip that we were sent in the mail (both in digital format, and on Kodachrome film). Alone, it doesn't make much sense. But, if you head over to the Super 8 Editing Room more clips are available. We're assuming that Paramount is going to release clip after clip over time, but for now we scrounged together some of the bits and mashed them up into this video:

super 8 virals 2

This is what we learned. The video continues to call the creature a "subject," so we're still in the dark on whether the monster in question is human-made, or alien in origin. However, the first person in the video talks about the subject's "escape attempt," so clearly the monster has tried to escape multiple times. And it seems like what happens in the trailer is a successful escape attempt. We also noticed A LOT of talk about a cube. This smacks of Lost science, some sort of fictional device with unfathomable (and possibly never properly explained power). No doubt, this "cube" directly impacts the creature in some way or another. And finally, who do we have here?


It's actor Glynn Turman! Is this the new Pierre Chang? He was absolutely in the trailer:


What is he doing there? Only time — and more video clips — will tell. We'll keep our eyes peeled on the Super 8 editing site and update you when more details surface. Until then, let us know what you make of this jumbled video.