Super Diet Genius: A Personal Weight-Loss Coach On Your Phone

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Summer is nearly here, meaning you'll want to be looking your best. Getting into shape is much easier with help, and Super Diet Genius can be your digital personal trainer.

What does it do?

Enter your height, weight, age and your ideal weight and this app will guide you in the dieting process. You can specify how aggressively you want to lose those pounds, and set up alerts for meals and snacks.


Why do we like it?

Super Diet Genius will tell you what foods you need to be eating in order to get fit. Set up your preferences so if you don't like cottage cheese, for example, it's not going to tell you to eat it. You can also set up your meals for the week, so you know if you're going to have a big lunch one day, you can make up for it by eating super healthy earlier in the week. By offering up specially-tailored meal plans and helping you track your water intake, this app will have you feeling good hanging out poolside all summer long.


Super Diet Genius

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The Best:

You can omit foods you don't like

The Worst:

You're dieting