Super Nintendo Violated with a Vista Install

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What's a good way to make a Super Nintendo decidedly less fun? Modify it to run Windows Vista, of course. While this beautiful machine used to be able to play classic games like Chrono Trigger and Super Mario World, the barebones PC crammed inside it now can probably barely run ZSNES. What a tragedy. [Akihabara News]

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Vista was the real breaker on this to me. I built one of these a few months ago, but using the american SNES case. Though I opted to include controller adapters so as to be able to use the real deal, and a disc drive connected to the eject button. But I never considered vista of all things for it. I use a version of linux designed for use on a TV with no keyboard/mouse, and use it to emulate SNES, NES, PSx, and GBa, along with make 'backup copies' of 'my' dvd's.