Super Tall Transforming Bike Lets You See Over Traffic

Being a cyclist in a busy city is dangerous for many reasons, but someone in Russia has at least solved the problem of limited visibility with this transforming bike that can give the rider a high or low stance.

It's not like you have to stop to reconfigure the bike either. At the beginning of the video you can see it doing its magical transformation while it's being ridden, changing from a low chopper to a bike that lifts the rider almost as high as the top of a bus.

And while riding a regular bike without a helmet is crazy enough, I can't imagine taking this thing out for a spin wearing only a light jacket. Something tells me the next video we see of this contraption in action could be its last. [eBaum's World via The Awesomer]

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It looked neat at first, but then I realized it's a horrible idea. As a driver, I know how tough it is to spot bicyclists right now. Notwithstanding blindspots, bicyclists can appear and disappear out of view so quickly. With this "taller" bike, if you're in a low vehicle, all you see is the frame of the bike. Without being able to see the body of the bicyclist, your chances of hitting the bike are much, much higher even with reflectors and blinking lights. But that's just my opinion and not based on studies, obviously.