Super TV-B-Gone: Bulked Up to 90-Foot Range

If you absolutely positively must kill every TV in the room within 90 feet, here's the do-it-yourself project that puts your TV-B-Gone on steroids. If you're handy with electronics, all you need is one TV-B-Gone unit, a certain transistor, a 9-volt battery and 20 infrared LEDs.


Substitute that puny 3-volt watch battery inside with a 9-volt battery, solder it all together and boom! You have yourself a TV-B-Gone on hyperdrive. No matter where you point it, any TVs within 90 feet are toast. Well, they're not damaged, they just turn off. And then you have sweet, sweet silence.

Think of it, any TV within earshot at an airport, for example, is immediately silenced with one push of a button. But then, wouldn't that be inconsiderate of your fellow passengers? Don't others have the right to be continually brainwashed with incessant commercials? It's their choice.

Ultra TV-B-Gone [Instructables] Thanks, Phillip!

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