Superman Is Getting A New Superpower To Go With His Brand New Suit

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Superman has to pull out all the stops in his battle against Ulysses this week - and that means a whole new superpower and some shiny new threads. Elsewhere, Luke and Darth Vader go toe-to-toe as Marvel's Star Wars continues, The Goon begins its final arc, and Image starts two intriguing new series!


Dark Horse

  • The Goon: Once Upon A Hard Time #1 - This is it, Goon fans — the beginning of the end. The Goon is in dire straits against the witch coven, and things can only get worse before they get better. Written By: Eric Powell Artist: Eric Powell
  • Rat God #1 - Lovecraftian nightmares and Native American legends combine in this new horror series. Written By: Richard Corben Artist: Richard Corben


  • Superman #38 - The Men Of Tomorrow concludes as Supes pushes his limits in order to confront Ulysses, and he is faced with a terrible choice. Written By: Geoff Johns Artists: John Romita, Klaus Janson


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  • Nameless #1 - This insane-sounding horror series sees awful murders, terrible experiments and shady consortiums combine under the looming threat of an asteroid heading towards earth. Written By: Grant Morrison Artists: Chris Burnham, Nathan Fairbairn
  • Postal #1 - A murder rocks the community of a small town: One populated by fugitives awaiting new identities (and even new faces). Written By: Bryan Edward Hill, Matt Hawkins Artist: Isaac Goodhart
  • Spawn #250 - Spawn gets celebratory with this milestone issue, culminating with the current Spawn battling against his own suit, and the original Spawn Al Simmons. Written By: Todd McFarlane Artist: Szymon Kudranski
  • Stray Bullets: Sunshine And Roses #1 - A new arc begins as the Baltimore underworld goes to hell, and two plan a ridiculous heist against the men who owned the city. Written By: David Lapham Artist: David Lapham


  • All New Captain America: Fear Him #1 - Sam Wilson continues in his role as Captain America, as a new villain preys upon the fear of New York City. Written By: Dennis Hopeless Artist: Szymon Kudranski
  • Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men: The Black Vortex #1 - This new crossover event begins, as Peter Quill has to save the galaxy stealing the legendary Black Vortex artifact from Mr. Knife. Written By: Sam Humphries Artist: Ed McGuinness
  • Ant-Man Prelude #1 - Join the MCU's version of Hank Pym in this prequel to the upcoming movie set in the Cold War. Written By: Will Pilgrim Artist: Miguel Angel Sepulveda
  • Return of the Living Deadpool #1 - The Deadpool Apocalypse returns! Turns out, solving a zombie apocalypse by turning each zombie into another Deadpool is a bad idea. Written By: Cullen Bunn Artist: Nicole Virella
  • Star Wars #2 - Marvel's wildly successful new series continues, with the Rebels trapped on Cymoon 4, and Luke Skywalker readies himself to confront Darth Vader. Written By: Jason Aaron Artist: John Cassaday
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2 - Squirrel Girl's standalone continues as Doreen finds herself balancing her education with fighting badguys - oh, and saving the world from Galactus. Written By: Ryan North Artist: Erica Henderson


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  • Cluster #1 (Boom! Studios) - Humanity has reached out to the stars, and finds itself in deep conflict, recruiting criminals to become soldiers. A group of convicts is left stranded on a war-torn world, and must survive while uncovering Earth's darkest secrets. Written By: Ed McGuinness Artist: Damian Couceiro
  • Imperium #1 (Valiant Entertainment) - A man gifted with superpowers finds himself on the run from the world, as he builds a legion of supporters to create a new utopia. Written By: Joshua Dysart Artist: Doug Braithwaite
  • Jungle Jim #1 (D.E.) - Join the new adventures of the Jungle adventurer as he finds himself traversing harsh terrain, and dealing with weird Monkeys. Who doesn't want to read about weird Monkeys? I'm in. Written By: Paul Tobin Artist: Sandy Jarrell
  • Lady Death: Apocalypse #1 (Boundless Comics) - Lady Death is back! Back in the Underworld, she must earn the loyalty of her nearly-extinct demon followers before they're doomed to slavery. Written By: Mike Wolfer Artist: Marc Borstel
  • Legenderry Vampirella #1 (D.E.) - Vampirella returns to the big city to find her club closed and shadowy figures conspiring to destroy her. Written By: David Avallone Artist: David T. Cabrera
  • The New Zodiax #1 (Astronaut Ink) - 12 New Zodiax have been chosen, and the new Aquarius, Liberaider, must find the rest of his allies. Written By: Joe St.Pierre Artist: Joe St.Pierre
  • Sherlock Holmes, Steam Detective #1 (Antarctic Press) - Yes, you read that right. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson must do battle with dastardly villains in a London overrun by Steampunk. Written By: Joe Wight Artist: Ben Dunn

Graphic Novels And Collections

  • Fantastic Four Omnibus (Marvel) - Matt Fraction's run on the Fantastic Four is gathered in one big hardcover! Reed and Sue take the family on an intergalactic vacation, leaving a new Fantastic Four - Ant-Man, Ms. Thing, Medusa and She-Hulk - back on Earth to deal with new threats. Written By: Various Artists: Various
  • Superman: Earth One, Volume 3 (DC) - The young Clark Kent finds himself betrayed and alone, as the World grants the man who destroyed Krypton the chance to finish the job. Written By: J. Michael Straczynski Artists: Ardian Syaf, Sandra Hope
  • Inhumanity (Marvel) - Attilan has fallen, its royal family sundered - and the secret of the Inhumans has become known to planet Earth. As people across the world manifest their powers in the wake of the Terrigen Bomb, Medusa must rule her people in her husband's absence, and the heroes of the world must come to terms with the Age of the Inhumans. Written By: Various Artists: Various
  • Spider-Man 2099: Out of Time (Marvel) - Miguel O'Hara finds himself flung back to our present day, and is faced with the choice of changing the past to better his future. Written By: Peter David Artists: Rick Leonardi, Will Sliney
  • Uncanny Avengers Omnibus (Marvel) - Following Charles Xavier's death, Captain America forms a new Avengers team, with mutants and humans working together to defeat the Red Skull's plans to eradicate all mutants. Written By: Various Artists: Various
  • Delinquents (Valiant Entertainment) - Quantum and Woody, the world's worst superheroes, find themselves teamed up with Archer and Armstrong, the world's worst adventurers, on an journey into the heart of American mythology. Written By:
  • James Asmus, Fred Van Lente Artist: Kano
  • Disney's Darkwing Duck: Definitely Dangerous Edition (Joe Books) - The Crime-fighting Duck returns to safeguard his city from mysterious new robotic foes created by the sinister Qwackwerks Corporation. Written By: Aaron Sparrow, Pickup Artist: James Silvani
  • The F1rst Hero (Action Lab) - Jake Roth is the only person on Earth to have manifested superpowers and not gone insane. Can he safeguard his secret and help the people around him? Written By: Anthony Ruttgaizer Artists: Phillip Sevy, Fred Stresing
  • The Fall of Cthulhu Omnibus (Boom! Studios) - A band of humans comes together to fight an apocalypse brought about by Nyarlathotep himself. Written By: Michael Alan Nelson Artists: Greg Scott, Various
  • Jack Hammer (Action Lab) - Detective Jack McGriskin must solve a murder in a Boston where superpowers are a very real threat. Written By: Brandon Barrows Artist: Ionic
  • Southern Dog (Danger Zone) - Jasper Dixon finds himself a threat to the world around him when an infected wolf bite, triggered by his puberty, turns him into a monster. Written By: Jeremy Holt Artist: Alex Diotto

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Superman Is Getting A New Superpower To Go With His Brand New Suit

THANK GOD! I've always thought he was underpowered.