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Suunto M91 Tiny Wristop Computer - Hey Sailor

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I didn't really know they still used the word sailor if it had nothing to do with the Navy, but Suunto likes to say that its M91 (a rework of the the company's M9 wristop computer) is "the world's smallest wrist-worn GPS for sailors." Ok, whatever. So if you fit in that narrow category, the M91 now comes with a USB cable to make transferring data from your laptop simple (cause you wouldn't have to actually use another USB cable you may have lying around) and includes useful navigational information on speed, heading, and distance. Up to 500 waypoints can be stored in the unit's memory and the Suunto Sail Manager software links Suunto M9i to a PC and makes navigation much easier by visualizing the routes on marine charts. Also, if the battery gets low, you can also use the USB cable to plug the watch into a laptop battery. Look for this baby in March, captain.


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