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SUV Turned Into Giant Scratch Card

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You know those scratch cards that are covered with silver latex, letting you try your luck at the lottery, or as we call it here at the Giz, the "stupid tax?" Some crazy Brits covered a whole SUV with the stuff, and somewhere underneath were the winning words. Whoever revealed them took home the truck.

Perhaps as a symbol of unbridled greed, the Chevy Captiva "Scratch Car-d" was parked on top of 16,995 pennies, intended for use as scratching utensils. After 14 hours of frenzied scratching, thousands of panels were revealed, with one big winner. Crazy way to get yourself a car, but it sure beats a dance marathon.


World's first ever 'Scratch Car-d': Scratch the car to see if you won [CarTech]