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Sweaty Goku Grabs His Dragonball Clip - And Turns in a Good Performance

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Proof that hero Goku's freaky anime hair will always look ridiculous comes in this tiny clip from the upcoming live-action Dragonball movie. This is the scene where Goku (Justin Chatwin) palms his ball and discovers his yellow duds. It all seems a lot more magical thanks to the high tension music. Still, why's Goku all glistening with sweat? Early reviews are pouring in for the live action movie, and surprise surprise it isn't that bad. Plus there's a true surprise about Piccolo's coloring. Spoilers ahead.According to Ain't It Cool News, a secret source who saw the movie calls it "solid," even though they were weary of Fox getting their hands into this adaptation. Apparently the Piccolo Goku fight scenes are action packed and have good references (i.e. Piccolo's gigantic sword). The reviewer seemed to love James Marsters as Piccolo and says he kicks plenty of ass and...

Oh and Picollo transforms into a light greenish color Picollo towards the end of the movie.

Well I'm certainly thankful that they're making an attempt to green him up. Also, Oozaru the giant monkey is in the movie. Goku turns into a 8-9 feet tall giant baboon when he looks at the moon. Apparently the transformation was awesome-looking though a bit too CGI. But there was still a lot to fix:

Dragonball fans will be disapointed with some of the changes they have made with stories and characters etc. Krillin isn't in the movie, Tien isn't in the movie too. High school setting for the first 22-23 minutes was so not needed but ah well typical Hollywood garbage of adding bullshit like that.


The reviewer rips into the performances of Chow Yun Fat as Master Roshi, Jamie Chung as Chi Chi and most importantly wails about the abuse of the dragon Shenron who is hidden by clouds the entire time. Dragonballwill be out on April 10, 2009. [AICN]