When you're a kid, your backyard swing is the closest you can get to the feeling of flying. And Lab212 has taken that feeling one step further with their Starfield swing installation that lets you rocket through the universe instead.

Think of it as a more interactive version of that star field screensaver. Behind the swing sits a Kinect sensor which tracks your motion, moving the star field in unison so it feels like you're passing through it. And so it doesn't feel like you're not making any progress, the star field moves twice as fast when you swing forwards as it does when you swing back.


For added effect, the star field can also be rendered in 3D using the simple anaglyph approach requiring the swinger to wear red and blue glasses. But given the last time I got on a swing a few months ago I got sick to my stomach, I think I'll just to my screensaver for simulated space journeys. [Lab212 via Creative Applications]

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