Swiss Army Goes Bling with the Victoria Collection

Victorinox, makers of those handy little MultiTools, have unveiled a couple of limited edition Swiss Army Knives, one gold, one platinum, both studded with diamonds. Just 120 of each model have been made, and you won't believe the price.


Both models are based on the three-inch Executive-Type knife, with a nail file and nail cleaner, orange peeler with screwdriver, ring and tweezers alongside a couple of blades (ah, so that's what executives do, hang out in the office having manicures and feeding orange pigs to each other. Best not think about what they do with the tweezers, eh?).

With around four carats of flawless diamonds—that's 430 stones—each knife comes with a gold or platinum chain so you can hang it round your neck and show everyone just what a tool you are. The yellow gold version will set you back $50,000, and the platinum one $70,000. [VIctorinox Swiss Army]

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