Syfy's Adaptation of GRRM's Nightflyers Looks Like Psycho in Space

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We’ve been hearing about Syfy’s ambitious take on George R.R. Martin’s classic spooky tale for a while now—but we finally have an early glimpse, and it’s looking pretty damn horrifying. In a good way, we mean.

Released through USA Today, the new featurette opens with a brief trailer before delving into some talking heads/behind-the-scenes footage, giving us a look at the poor, tortured crew of the Nightflyer just as the space-shit is hitting the space-fan.

The 10-episode series, just like Martin’s 1980 novella, follows the crew of the titular ship in the wake of the discovery of an alien race in the outer reaches of solar system, hoping to make first contact with non-human life. Instead of making first contact however, things start going wrong before the crew even gets there. Very, very wrong.


Nightflyers is set to premiere on Syfy this fall.