Syria Has Banned iPhones to Curb Citizen Journalism

Illustration for article titled Syria Has Banned iPhones to Curb Citizen Journalism

Most footage of protests from Syria in recent months has clearly been filmed on smartphones. Not for much longer, though: the government just banned iPhones.


In an attempt to control how information leaves the country, officials now "warn anyone against using the iPhone in Syria", reports the BBC. It's also believed that this announcement will prohibit the import of iPhones into the country.

Because most international media have been banned from reporting from Syria, there has been a huge rise in citizen journalism since the uprising began earlier this year. This iPhone ban is presumably an attempt to stymie citizen journalists, who have been filming protests on their handset and uploading footage to the internet for others to watch.

There's no word on whether other smartphones are also banned. So for now, those using Android over in Syria might be OK. [BBC; Image: ewige]



Citizen Journalist is a bit of a pretentious term for bloggers.

The same thing happens in America, unless you have real journalist credentials then you run the risk of having your phone or camera taken away and being pepper sprayed.

As for banning international media, like BBC and Fox. Well they dont live up to very high journalistic standards, both have been caught in lies, both use spin for the benefit of their own people, and neither is impartial in any way. No matter what happens in syria they will spin it as anti government, just like they did with iraq, and libya.

Lets face it, western "international" media is a tool used by western governments to convince its people there needs to be a war.