System of Proof Brings Phone Tapping to All With Subscription Service

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This is one of those press releases that makes you go "Sorry... what?" in disbelief: System of Proof is a service that lets you covertly record a conversation on any phone. It sounds very CIA: dial a special number from the phone, and a distant computer then records the conversation and emails you the final file for you to peruse later. It apparently works with any phone, including VoIP, and the company pitches it as a tool for capturing phone calls you wish you had as evidence. You know: harassment at work or home, cheating spouses, failed business dealings. There's also the innocent "record your lectures to make sure you don't miss pertinent exam notes" option. The service costs up to $9.95 per month, with this top-end price having unlimited spying minutes. Read on for the press release: and remember, phone tapping is of dubious legality depending on where you do it.

HOUSTON —(Business Wire)— Aug. 8, 2008 System of Proof, Inc. ( has delivered the ultimate in recording any conversation that so many people wished they had recorded, i.e., sexual harassment, police profiling, business deals gone wrong, class room lectures and many more. The System of Proof technology simply turns your cell or land phone into a microphone. There is NO software installation requirement and NO other equipment, "Just the Phone You Have!"

How It Works:

This technology can be used with any cell phone, land line, VOIP at home or at your office. It's as simple as dialing a phone number. The user dials a number that is assigned to them upon subscribing to the service (they can use speed-dial or voice activation) that automatically activates recording. The recording gets stored on a mainframe computer at the company. When the recording is completed, a voice email is automatically generated to the user's email address that user assigned when subscribing. This email file can be archived to the subscriber's hard drive, to a CD, iPod, mp3 or any other data storing device to be retrieved at a later date. There is no log-in process to retrieve your recording—it comes directly to you! No time limit to your recording!

Uses for the System of Proof Technology:

— Deter profiling of an individual whether it be race, sex or religion

— Provide proof in the case of harassment, civil rights abuses on the job or in other public settings

— Capture evidence of spousal abuse whether it be physical, verbal or mental that can now be admissible to law enforcement

— Record your lectures to make sure you don't miss pertinent exam notes

— Provide a recording device in board and business meetings to avoid miscommunications

— Do 3-way calling recording of threatening bill collectors or other disgruntled callers

— Record your spouse or your significant other

Plans & Cost of Service:

Silver Plan: 1,000 minutes for $4.95 per month*

Gold Plan: 1,500 minutes for $6.95 per month*

Platinum: Unlimited recording for $9.95 per month.

*here is a $0.15 per minute surcharge for additional minutes.


It doesn't say whether the secret number is dialed during the call or before the call. If it's before the call, how do you know when you are going to be on a call that would need to be recorded? For that matter, what if someone is calling you to harass you? When do you plug in the number?