T-Mobile 3G Data Will Hit 21Mbps In 2010

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AT&T just announced they're starting a national 7.2Mbps 3G rollout, and T-Mobile now says they're about to do the same. But what comes next? For most, it's 4G wireless data. For T-Mobile, it's steroid-pumped 3G, to the tune of 21Mbps.


AT&T and others are kicking 3G to the curb after it hits the 7.2Mbps barrier, and moving over to zany 4G technologies. T-Mobile, though, says they're sticking with 3G HSPA for the foreseeable future, and that the network will carry near-4G speeds in 2010.

This is good news for T-Mo subscribers in the short term, and I can see why the company would want to incrementally push past all their competitors while they all toil with next-gen hardware and infrastructure. But what happens when everyone else is finished rolling out their LTE networks? Where does that leave T-Mobile, besides three years behind? [MocoNews via Electronista]



21Mbps seems like a lot for a phone. hopefully Comcast will die in favor of wireless data solutions, but unless you're downloading huge amounts of data(on your phone?) can you really tell the difference between 21Mbps and 7.2 by just browsing?