T-Mobile Android HTC Dream Launch Details: Oct. 13, $199 W/ 2-Year Contract Only

Following up on rumorage that pre-sales for the HTC Dream/G1 would start Sept. 17, TmoWorld says they've got the full skinny on T-Mobile's Android debut party: Supposedly, pre-orders will be online only for eligible post-paid customers-lasting through Oct. 3-who will get the phone on Oct. 13, the public launch day. TmoWorld says the subsidized price will be $199 w/ a two-year contract (no one-year option). Price seems to be the blurriest bit of info, possibly because it isn't totally set yet. For instance, TmoNews, who has a more proven record, says it might be $150 for upgraders. (One scenario: It's $150 for pre-orders, $200 for eligible people with new two-year contracts. But that seems a little overly complicated.) Monthly plans will be $35 w/ unlimited data/messaging or $25 for unlimited data/400 messages. Most of this sounds about right-not too far off the mark, anyway. [TmoWorld]


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