T-Mobile Introduces New Super-Cheap $15 Connect Plan with 2GB of Data

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Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

Originally, T-Mobile wasn’t planning on introducing its new super-cheap Connect plan until after it had finalized its merger with Sprint. Now, with covid-19 putting a strain on everyone’s budget, the company has decided to push it out just a bit earlier.


Going live this Wednesday, March 25, the new pre-paid Connect plan will become T-Mobile’s least-expensive phone plan, offering 2GB of mobile data per month along with unlimited talk and text for $15, or 5GB of data for $25 per month.

In a time when people are staying indoors and likely relying on wi-fi for their internet connection rather than mobile data, switching to T-Mobile Connect could offer some decent savings compared to T-Mobile’s Essentials plan, which starts at $60 per month for a single line, or T-Mobile’s premium Magenta plan which starts at $70 for a single line. That said, T-Mobile’s Essential and Magenta plans have a much higher data cap of 50GB per month before T-Mobile will start throttling your speeds, so there’s an obvious trade-off.

Additionally, Metro by T-Mobile is introducing a new $15-a-month plan with the same 2GB of monthly data as T-Mobile Connect. On top of that, MetroSmart Hotspot devices will be half off for the next two months, while Metro’s $35 per month hotspot data plan will get double the data (from 10GB to 20GB) over that time period as well.

Finally, T-Mobile is expanding one of its T-Mobile Tuesdays offers to all T-Mobile customers by giving everyone a free two-month subscription to YouTube Premium and one free four-week course from Shaw Academy. 

One important thing to note though is that on T-Mobile Connect plan and Metro’s $15 plan, if you use up your 2GB of 5GB of monthly data, that’s it. Both plans features a hard data cap and are not eligible for T-Mobile’s temporary unlimited data offer, so if you’re worried about potentially running out of mobile data at the end of the month, this plan may not be for you.


That said, when you combine all this with T-Mobile’s previous announcements that it’s giving all T-Mobile and Metro customers with hotspot data an additional 20GB of data and upgrading people with older legacy plans unlimited data for the next 60 days, it seems T-Mobile is trying to offer a little relief during these trying times.



So is T Mobile going to force people to switch over to these plans if they get a 5G device? Because I have been thinking about getting a device that has 5G support, but there isn't any 5G in my area and I don't want to go down to a 2 GB cap.