If you use a non-T-Mobile network to connect your T-Mobile device to the Internet, you'll want to start looking into alternatives—like now. Documents leaked to TmoNews show the carrier will cap off-network connections after as little as 50MB of data come April.

According to the leak, the cutoff limit will be staggered by the amount of data you pay for—after 50MB for the 2GB plan, 100MB for the 5GB plan, and 200MB for the 10GB plan. When a user gets within 80% of the cutoff, T-Mobile will automatically send a text message warning. After the limit is reached, the subscriber will not be able to use roaming data access until he reconnects with the T-Mobile network or via Wi-Fi. The limits reset every billing cycle.


T-Mobile defends its decision as a means to "continue providing competitive pricing options in the industry" and states in the leaked document, "domestic data roaming allotments are currently used across the wireless industry and are quite common with other carriers. That's true, assuming you don't count Verizon or AT&T as an "other carrier." T-Mobile estimates only about 10,000 customers will be impacted by the changes and will be notifying all of its subscribers in early February. Business, government, and mobile broadband accounts are exempt and Voice, picture, and text roaming do not add to the monthly data limit totals. [TMoNews via Cnet]