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T-Mobile, RadioShack Top 2011 List of Potentially Doomed Companies

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Joining Blockbuster on that depressing 2011 deathwatch are two companies we've been known to cover here at Gizmodo: T-Mobile and RadioShack. Is anything good going to happen next year?

Now, that RadioShack could be headed for the executioner's block is no real surprise, given the company's rocky road as of late. In March, if you'll recall, Best Buy was rumored to be a buyer; and last summer's re-branding as "The Shack" never really took hold.


T-Mobile, while not in the same situation as RadioShack, is still marked for death in 2011, says 24/7 Wall St., because its smaller customer base and lack of a 4G offering means it simply won't be able to compete with the three carriers currently in front of it. A Sprint merger has been floated several times in recent memory, and such a deal would make T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom a carrier in line with AT&T or Verizon.


The list's one saving grace is that it includes BP. Effing BP, the oil conglomerate that's single-handedly turned the Gulf of Mexico into an oily, unprofitable shithole. Don't get too excited though—whereas RadioShack would simply cease to be, BP would merely fracture into smaller evil companies as a way to manage debt.

Image: Flickr [Yahoo]