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T-Mobile Shadow II Has MyFaves, HotSpot@Home, But Is It Still Made by HTC?

Illustration for article titled T-Mobile Shadow II Has MyFaves, HotSpot@Home, But Is It Still Made by HTC?

The Original T-Mobile HTC Shadow was quite good for a Windows mobile phone because of its non-Windows-Mobile Windows Mobile UI. If this leaked picture really is the Shadow II, then T-Mobile is continuing on the same path of loading a proprietary UI on top of the standard WM facade. There's not much else we can tell from this, but we do see that it has MyFaves and HotSpot@Home compatibility. Is this still made by HTC? Probably, unless T-Mobile defected to i-Mate or something. If you're looking for a HotSpot@Home phone in the near future, you might want to wait to see how this one plays out. [Tmonews]


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I have the Tmobile Dash and loaded up 6.0 for windows mobile smartphone and I got to say its a bit sluggish and had some issues with it rebooting continuously for some reason. UI definatally needs an overhaul but was exited to see some 6.1 pictures of one of the new phones out there, looked really good although I forget what model it was. My biggest complaint is that they dont have a solid iPhone competitor you know something that integrates with Zune Marketplace? Or how about a Zune Application that I could load on my Tmobile Dash so I can still play songs today? I dont really care for the touch keyboard on the iPhone as I think its a little more difficult than a qwerty keyboard but still having touch for Web Browsing etc. would help. The Dash isn't touch screen so scrolling Webpages that have multiple Scrollbars is difficult. One thing I do particularly like with Windows Mobile 6.x is the Live Integrations I think they did a really good job there as if I have to reset my phone for some reason, guess what all of my contacts are stored on Live, so I can just redownload them? and they are automatically updated on live when I make changes. The Mobile Live search is very nice also .. however think they should add a weather option which is the big one that's missing as well as syncing the calender with a Windows Live calender