T-Mobile to Get Samsung Stripe, aka PEBL Clone

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Our insider at T-Mobile, lets call him T-Mobile Insider Dude, slipped us a little spec sheet about Samsung's latest clamshell phone that will be available for T-Mobile soon—the Stripe. I guess Samsung copying Motorola on the Q wasn't enough, now they are taking a shot at the more-than-year-old Motorola PEBL. The Stripe is a fairly low-end clamshell handset with a VGA camera, Bluetooth, myFaves support and the other usual slew of features like speakerphone, instant messaging, etc. It may not be as round as the PEBL, but the semi-roundness and vertical outer LCD gives it away as a clone.

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"The one thing going for the PEBL is the purity of the interface. Rounded corners, brilliant hinge, mirrored surfaces."

That's the only good thing about the PEBL. Yes, I have a PEBL. I needed a new phone after accidentally dropping my RAZR into a cup of coffee. Mediocre reception (at best) which, as far as I can tell, may either be due to the phone itself or T-mo.

The interior reception is fraught with difficulty. My window office on the 38th floor has no reception. The only saving grace is that I get good reception in my apartment.

For a simple "do-one-thing" phone, I preferred the RAZR with Cing service. Good reception and the phone was slim enough to fit into my suit breast pocket without making a bulge.