T-Mobile Won't Charge You for Using Too Much Data, But They Will Slow You the Hell Down

Instead of charging you overage fees for using more than 5GB of data in a month with one of its webConnect 3G data plans, T-Mobile's just going to slow your internet down instead. A novel trade-off, though I'd prefer to choose whether I get hit with fees or slowdowns.

Instead of overage charges, T-Mobile will reduce data speeds if a customer exceeds 5GB of usage per month. When used as a mobile broadband solution in conjunction with an existing home broadband service, only a very small number of customers use more than 5GB per month. These changes are another measure to free customers from any worry of overages, in addition to T-Mobile webConnect Manager's built-in usage meter.

T-Mobile, alas, doesn't really set the pace for the industry, so don't expect anybody else to follow this kinder, gentler approach to data overages with unlimited (but limited speed) data. Besides, with AT&T in New York, the slowdowns come for free. (Zing.) [T-Mobile]


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